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Assisting clients through the complicated housing market is my passion. I want to provide as many resources as possible to help inform homebuyers, home sellers, and people looking to relocate.


With an area as diverse as Southern Colorado, it is important to explore all the potential locations for your future residence.

Geological Hazard Maps

Knowing where potential hazards occur is crucial to understanding the risk associated with buying homes near these dangerous areas.

School Districts

If you have a family, picking a home that is located within a high-quality district is an important consideration for the future of your children.


Some real estate topics need more explanation and clarification. With each new post, I offer advice, insights, and tips to help make your real estate decisions easier.

Geological Hazard Maps

Examine these maps to see if your home of choice falls within geological hazard areas.

School Districts

Southern Colorado is home to 12 school districts that serve over 71,000 children and operate the numerous schools that make up the diverse Pikes Peak Region. Picking a district that best suits your family’s needs is essential to a valuable education.

Colorado Springs

District 11

The oldest school district, District-11 services 55 schools and over 26,000 children
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District 20

District-20 operates 39 schools and serves more than 26,000 students.
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District 38

District-38 hosts 38 schools and teaches over 6,500 children across the northern area.
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District 49

District-49 is the largest district in El Paso County and encompasses 6 different zip codes.
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District 23

One of the smaller districts. It contains 4 schools and serves just over 600 children.
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Woodland Park

District RE2

Another smaller district that services the beautiful Woodland Park area.
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Manitou Springs

District 14

This district operates four schools in the eclectic town of Manitou Springs.
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Cheyenne Mountain

District 12

District-12 contains 9 schools and serves around 5,100 students.
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District 2

District-2 operates 12 schools and prides itself on the prestigious International Baccalaureate programs they offer.
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District 3

District-3 has four schools and serves 10,000 children.
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District 22

District-22, by Schriever Air Force Base, offers after-school programs including both music and athletics.
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District 8

District-8 primarily serves military families with a focus on a rigorous curriculum.
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Veteran Affairs Resources

The Colorado Springs area is proud to be the home for multiple military bases. Due to the high number of installations, there is a thriving veteran community across Southern Colorado. I strive to provide resources for veterans seeking information and relocation assistance as a prominent veteran real estate agent.


Feeling overwhelmed? Let me help! Weighing all the different factors that go into finding a new home is difficult. As an experienced Colorado Springs real estate agent, I make it my job to traverse these nuances with you. Customizing the process of buying, relocating, or selling is a crucial part of my job. Scheduling an appointment with me today ensures a smoother tomorrow.